Rent a cottage or holiday home

At Stugbasen you will find cottages and other types of holiday homes to rent directly from the owner. Choose from hundreds of unique cottages and other holiday rentals with individual character. If you are the owner of a cottage and want to rent it out, just upload your own advert and start renting it out quickly.

I want to rent out my cabin

Rent directly from the cottage owner

Unique cottages, holiday homes

Find your dream home for the holidays. At Stugbasen all cottages and holiday homes are different. Start by entering a place you want to go and then search. Cottages will then appear near your desired location.

No agency fees

You rent directly from the landlord (homeowner). You and the owner agree on the price, access, reservation fee, etc. in a lease.

Rent out your cottage or holiday home

Easy to get started

If you have a cottage or other type of holiday home that you want to rent out, you can get started fast with your rentals at Stugbasen with no costs.

Full control of your rental

You decide on your rental and who you want to rent to. Booking enquiries come through to your page on Stugbasen or by phone.

Agency fees included

The full rental amount is yours. You and your customer agree on the rental property, price and booking fee. Smart and simple, just as it should be.